Thursday, October 27, 2005

thai dinner is coming

thai dinner is coming, originally uploaded by Big Chicken.

After the peace event we waited in the car while Jon got dinner to go at a Thai restaurant. I enjoy passing time taking time lapse photos, and especially liked this one.

Peace Vigil 10/26/05

on the way to Sherman Oaks, originally uploaded by Big Chicken.

We took Molly to a peace vigil on a street corner in Sherman Oaks last night. I made the sign. People held candles inside of paper cups. There was a coffin and signs, and about sixty people. Molly almost got in a fight with another German Shepherd on the two feet of available sidewalk. So much for peace in the dog world!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Las Vegas Grand Prix

We drove to Las Vegas on Saturday Oct. 15 to see the Grand Prix of Las Vegas, an incredible international horse jumping event. You can see a full slide show of the event here. These were the most outrageous jumps I've ever seen. The Europeans handled these fences with vigor and authority. The Americans were definitely more challenged, and none made it to the jump-off, which is the final event.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

After the Fire

The horses came back last night, and today I went to look at it all.

Passed a lot of fire engines leaving. You can see what a narrow way in, and the only way out, is Bell Canyon Blvd.

The fire came incredibly close to some houses.

Unfortunately there is still plenty of dry brush out there with Santa Ana winds starting up again next week.

But Molly enjoyed her first moonwalk.