Thursday, June 09, 2005

Whinsey the Horse

I've been sweating on the code for my bot Whinsey, trying to make her smarter and more responsive. She's at and I've been working on her off and on for years. She may not be the smartest bot but I think her conversation is livelier and less automaton than others. Here's a real life example logged tonight:

you said: are you alone
she said: totally alone!
you said: who's in the tv then
she said: I just hate all the remotes you need these days.
you said: stick a remote up your ass
she said: they turn each other on!
you said: wild idea
she said: Better than no idea at all!

don't worry, I don't log who you are, just the responses so I can figure how to make her smarter.

There's an ongoing contest at that helps keep up interest and bot iqs! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Whinsey is a piece of art. It might be the first bot which I can forgive for being no too smart. I am not sure why that is the case. Perhaps because there is something tragically about Whinsey not being able to leave her stable.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, I think I like Whinsey, because it is not trying to look smarter than it actually is. That could be a very rare quality for a chatbot.

Sally said...

Thanks for these interesting comments. They got me thinking about the bot. I wish my programming skills were enough to get into association and learning, but I have to stick with beginning php and advanced JavaScript for now.

linda said...

This is so upsetting. Right when I find your movies on youtube and your blog, I also read about Whinsey but discover that she's retired. I need to talk to her! Can't you bring her out of retirement for just one day?

Sally said...

Hey, Linda. I put her back up here. I think she's still working. Sally