Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Good Vacation turns BAD!

All was idyllic in the Rocky Mountains with family and dogs, beautiful weather, wildflowers everywhere. We heard there was an incredible avalanche sight at Blaine Basin, which is near timberline, near Mount Sneffels.

So we hiked in, took about three hours with incredible climbing. Most hikers on the way out were using ski poles. At Blaine Basin there was a beautiful meadow and also incredible devastation from the avalanche, still lots of snow. After eating lunch, Jon wanted to head right back, but Dinah and I wanted to explore this somewhat surreal landscape. I was trying to leap through a strong stream when my foot got caught in a hole much deeper than footing around it, I twisted my ankle and sort of passed out on the stream bed.

Coming to, I decided it was a sprained ankle, and we had no choice but to hike back down, over logs so slippery you had to crawl across them, over scree fields, awful. It took soooooo long to get back down, I felt like I'd aged 40 years by the time we reached the bottom five hours later. Next morning I went to an emergency clinic in Telluride and learned I'd fractured my ankle in two places. There goes summer. I'm supposed to have surgery to get pins in it on Friday. We're back in L.A. Aaah!

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Anonymous said...

Hope that ankle heals quickly, young lady!

A fan in Texas