Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Land of Make Believe

When I was little I had this poster on my bedroom wall. It delighted me. I could explore this world. The image is laid out in a way that makes it easy to enter and travel around, in your mind. Later in the hippie years it was sold in head shops. I was never a hippie by the way. I've learned the artist's name, Jaro Hess. It's from the 30's. I don't have a copy anymore, but maybe I'll order one.

I've been working on a new Whinsey/Anita story in flash. I'm using the IBM text to speech voices-- not quite what I'd like but by grabbing voices to use in the animation it makes me more likely to continue with the project. My old source for text to speech voices is no longer available. If I had to get a microphone etc. I would probably just not do it.

I feel sort of like Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan tv show, begging for claps to fly, asking for encouragement to continue. Actually I've received so many nice emails from total strangers who've enjoyed my animation over the years, and I think that, (plus total lack of work), is what's gotten me started on a new project.


Anonymous said...

Are you the Sally Cruikshank that went to St. Mary's in the late 60's? We used to drink beer together, if you are. Chan

Brenda said...

I still have an original. It's been in my family for years. I have not seen too many or gotten any information on originals. Can you help me?

Sally said...

I was so thrilled to get that email from Chan! He was quite the heart throb when I knew him. Thank you Internet! Brenda, I don't know anything about originals of this artist's work, but I'd guess they would be quite valuable.

Dope on the Slope said...
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Dope on the Slope said...

I feel sort of like Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan tv show, begging for claps to fly

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

I'm so delighted to hear your working again.

I love your stuff. Do you still sell on eBay? Guess I'll have to overcome my fear of on-line auctions and head over there.

I'm sure you've got QUADRILLIONS of fans out there willing to clap louder to see some new work.

Sally said...

Hi dope on the slope! You can get my dvd on my site, or on ebay. Both are the same price. Thanks for your encouragement.

Chris Browne said...

Hi Sally,
You may know of this already but you can get a repro of this at
The websites pretty cool. Love your work!

Chris Browne

Sally said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the link for ordering the poster. I'm getting one-- loks like an amazing reproduction.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where to get any version of this Land of Make Believe poster?
Rand McNally's used to sell a copy

Sally said...

Chris Browne posted this great link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Land of Make Believe.
The gallery has two versions for sale - a photo fine art print, and also
better quality paper, non-reflective surface.
Have you seen either version? don't know if it's worth the extra money for the better quality paper.

Several years ago I was in a mall in Virginia, at a Rand McNally store. I bought an inexpensive print of this poster. The store's no longer there, no reference on the mcnally web site of this poster. I've emailed them, I'll let you know if they're still selling their version.

Steven Cannon said...

I still have the original 1930's edition of this poster... I love it!! Although lately I have been getting some inquiries on it as to whether or not I want to sell it... For those not in the know, there is one change to the poster that allows you to tell which edition it is. In the lower right hand corner, the path where an old man is walking on is named the wandering jew. In the 1950's reprint (and every other reprint since then), he is simply named the wanderer. My 1930 copy is on my wall and in really good shape.

Sally said...

Steven, Thanks for posting here- gave me a chance to revisit the beautiful poster.