Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've made a first chapter animated online

Maybe this is the sort of thing that people would enjoy getting on their cel phones, but I don't know since I don't even have one. Just a little story I got started on. It's about five megs, but on my high speed line starts playing pretty fast.

I welcome any comments on it. I used the AT&T voices because it means I've got voices, even if I'm not thrilled with level of emotion. Anyway, if you'd like to see it, it's here:


KJ* said...

Hi Sally, I just watched your video. You're very creative! The AT&T voices are so weeeeird, but it's perfect for the video.

FancyPants said...

I've been thinking about you on and off for years, but today is the day that I finally decided to Google you! (hope it didn't hurt)
I met you years ago (the eighties?)
at Ohio State University when you came to give a lecture for the photography dept. I've always loved your work-especially the way that you reference and love the old Fleischer, et al works. Glad to have found you again at last.

Warm regards,


FancyPants said...

OK - I just scrolled down and saw you wrote a little tribute to Nam June Paik. Me too.

Brent said...

Quasi is bar none the most amazing animation I have ever seen. re: Quackadero and the one where Anita gains mystic powers ... unspeakably amazing. I would immediately purchase it, dvd, vhs, vcd, anything! Thank you for being so brilliant.

dylan williams said...

Hi Sally- I'm a life long fan. That animation is so amazing. The Barf idea...brilliant.
What are AT&T voices? Sounds spooky.
Thank you so much for sharing film with us.

Sally said...

Thanks for all your nice comments, and for viewing the piece.

Some people have asked about the AT&T voices, so I thought I'd explain. They have a free demo where you can type in a line of text and choose a voice. In a matter of seconds you have a .wav audio file of the voice saying your line. You can modify the delivery slightly with "prosody tags", an xml coding structure, but you can't add emotional shading to them. A few years ago a wonderful company in Scotland had a similar free demo online that included an amazing valley girl voice, but the company was bought up by a bigger fish and the voice is no longer available. The AT&T voices are intended for customer service I think, so they are rather bland, but at least not like those old robot voices of a few years ago.

kaarijn said...

Sally, your work has always been fabulous and I, too am glad to find you working on line. Way back when, when Quasi was a revelation at a film fest in western mass ! Inspiring creativity ! Animation has missed you and I am looking forward to more installments !

Sally said...

Thanks kaarijn. I have plans for another piece, but in the meantime actually have some animation work which is keeping me busy.

U-tube "Motchka" said...

Very amusing little clip, I liked it a lot.
I'm new to flash, and noticed that you use it in combination with aftereffects. I'll have to check that out.
Look forward to watching more of your animations.

Anonymous said...

this cartoon closely parallels my own life. i am also part of the "barfs are better" crowd.

Nicola said...

This animation was really good. I love how you give inanimate objects personalities like that. My favorite cartoon of yours so far was Face Like a Frog. The way everything just melts into something else is just amazing, and the music by Danny and the Mystic Knights complimented it perfectly.

Sally said...

Thanks for your various comments, Nicola, and Happy New Year.

Anonymous, your comment cracked me up.