Saturday, October 14, 2006

Halloween Postcards

I have a large collection of Halloween postcards from the turn of the century. I like the way they sentimentalized images of fear. I used to collect various Halloween items, but have lost the desire to collect, which is a good thing! Halloween's been a bit over taken by the Hallmark crowd these days, and the inflatables really give me the willies.

I have recently put a great number of my animations, including Sesame Street pieces, on youtube. The image quality really goes down the tubes by the time they chew on it at youtube with their video codecs, but I'm happy to circulate them. Maybe if you like them you'll buy my dvd at Shameless Sal.


Tony said...

It took me approximately five seconds (on Youtube) to read the news that SALLY CRUIKSHANK had a DVD for sale and then to click the button to buy it via PayPal.
I didn't even bother to see what was on the DVD!
Your postings on Youtube were 100% effective in enticing me to support you. I'm a long, LONG-time fan of yours, and I deeply admire your brilliant creativity and utterly unique style. Your work will be enjoyed centuries from now, now that you have digitized your finest work... Please keep creating and sharing, Sally!

Scythemantis said...

HUGE Halloween Collector, here, and I leave the stuff up year-round. Sure, it's overcommercialized, but I'd rather see a glut of horror, rubber bugs and monsters than the glut of Santas and reindeer.

I don't know how I went most of my short life without seeing more of your cartoons. It was only thanks to youtube that I remembered your sesame street work.

And Face Like a Frog is now my favorite animated short alongside "Swing, You Sinners!" by Max Fleischer, which you are probably familiar with.