Monday, January 22, 2007

Original Quasi art for sale

UPDATE Feb. 14: (relisted, url is current.)Since some of you who stumble by are "Quasi at the Quackadero" fans, I thought I'd point out that I'm selling an original watercolor sketch from the film on ebay this week. This is an idea sketch I did before I ever started animating the film.


Julie said...

What a lovely, lovely watercolor.

The auction appears to be gone...(ie not "over" but removed?)

Sally said...

I'll relist it when I'm back from Florida, since it hasn't sold, and add a working link. Need to pay those horse vet bills.

Sally said...

hey Julie, do you want a free rooster? I listed my pretty boy, named Honey 2, on craigslist and nada.
Links don't work in comments I guess, but here's the temporary listing.
I've never had much joy with craigslist.

Julie said...

Sorry, I wish I could. Aw, I hope Honey 2 finds/found a good place!
(I just briefly imagined my new rooster-including life...but our cats and apartment neighbors would have me hauled away.)

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