Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Flash Kaleidoscope

I found the code for this at quasimondo
and popped an image into Flash 8. Loved the results. Move your mouse over this one!

Back in the pencil and cel paint days it took me a 40 hour week to make an animated Kaleidoscope sequence. I still have the cels.


linda said...

Amazing (to me) that you can get this to work on blogspot. It's wonderful.

Jenny Lens said...

Ohmygawd, your work is so awesome! So glad I googled you. Been a fan forever. I wish I could make a kaleidoscope from my early punk rock photos I shot. Something to think about, although I don't know Flash (yet). Thanks so much for sharing your work!

Sally said...

Hi Jenny, If you sent me a jpeg I could post it into a flash kaleidoscope for you. It's not as if I wrote the code. Sally