Monday, March 26, 2007

The inside of my computer

How dirty is your garage?
Originally uploaded by Big Chicken.
No-- wait-- the inside of my garage. Ahh, springtime, when you hope no one will think to open that door except me, and imagine spring cleaning will be done by elves.

Rooster Elle spends the nights in the cage, and Jon's friend left the two 35mm projectors. That's an extra seat from my Honda Element on the little red wagon, a dog crate that the other rooster was over nighting in, a heat lamp for those cold winter nights, and straw so Elle has a nice landing pad when he jumps out of the cage in the morning. I forget why I made the large white papier mache chicken with Egyptian necklace sitting on top of the cage. Three bicycles with flat tires complete the scene, as long as you don't turn your head.

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