Friday, March 30, 2007

Look out April Fools!

Got a busy weekend ahead,
with a trip to San Diego today,
back tonight, and two herding
lessons in Fillmore this weekend.

It's a dog's life, or is it a duck's life?

I've plunged into the code world of Flash CS3 regular expressions, my idea of fun.

Watch out for whoopee cushions or exaggerated statements on Sunday. Oh what the heck, have fun on Mars!


Envious said...

You lucky duck. You have CS3. Is it true that you can import art straight from Photoshop and Illustrator into Flash CS3?

I had a feeling that coding might be your idea of fun. Would you help me if I made you a chocolate cake? (Your favorite.)

Sally said...

Chocolate cake sounds great. I know someone else who likes it.

I never had a picnic that looked as tasty as the ones in old cartoons, especially early Mickey Mouse picnics.