Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Delightful Surprise

Have you ever received a chocolate cake out of the blue? No, of course not.

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning, when Mr. Fedex, whose name is Country, brought me a mystery box and inside was my own chocolate Easter egg cake from my new internet pal Linda D, totally unexpected, and already half eaten!

WOWOHWOW! And love those candy worms!
Thank you Linda!!!

Amidst my chocolate frenzy, I suddenly thought I should take a picture before it was all gone. If only I'd had more self control, you'd see more of the cake in this picture.


linda said...

Oh Sally, I'm glad it turned out OK. But I notice you're eating AROUND the worms.

But the delightful surprise is that "Make Me Psychic" is now up on your blog.

Sally said...

Gotta save the worms for last. But the video posting went suddenly illegal on me, no idea why, so I'm trying to figure that out again. Hope you got your travel plans worked out. You really made my day-- hooray!