Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Firecracker collectors

When I feel uninspired, I go to ebay and look at firecracker labels. It amazes me also that people order these through the mail. In spite of all the disclaimers, I'm pretty sure they're buying an ancient string of crackers.

In 4th grade, I held one in my hand after lighting.

Don't try it.


linda said...

"In 4th grade, I held one in my hand after lighting."

Sally, whatever it did to your hand–well, just look what came out of your hand! Anita and Quasi and Slimfast and Whinsey just to name a few.

l. said...

p.s. But don't try it again.

Sally said...

I had pyro leanings as a child. I held this particular fire cracker in my hand while standing in the basement.