Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Banquet at Sportsmens' Lodge

Last night was the Interscholastic Equestrian League banquet at the Sportsmens' Lodge in Studio City. We'd received a call checking whether Dinah was coming or not, which implied she might be winning an award. That's Dinah on the left, with Randy Cano , (I designed his site here) and Ben Banuelos, her riding trainers since she was five years old. We love them! She's eighteen now!

The senior awards came at the end of the evening. The winners were still a secret. The speaker described a wonderful girl who'd spent countless hours working with handicapped children at Strides, and was so kind, devoted to helping others, etc. etc. I nudged the nice trainer next to me, whom I hadn't met before, and said, "they're talking about Dinah."

Haha, foolish me.

As Dinah is about to put her napkin on the chair and stand up, they read off another name. woah.

But, but, the next senior award recipient is described as funny, eccentric, original, determined to change the world, one of a kind, eccentric (again) and yes it was Dinah and look, she won a $2000. check! Thanks, IEL!


linda said...

Oh Sally.
I'm so impressed.
(I was really dismayed there for a moment. You tell a great story!)
So have you always been so interested in horses, or was it Dinah that started it?

I love the running horse on Randy's site. And the stirrups. And there's your signature "word" preloader to start things off.

p.s. Dinah is very beautiful.

Sally said...

Linda, you are such a nice friend!