Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chased by Pitbulls!!

We went for a nice little morning hike in Ahmanson Ranch this morning. Molly, my German Shepherd, was on leash, and I was keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes. We were half an hour out when I turned a corner and saw in a flash some guys with bandanas and a German Shepherd off leash, and shovels. So I turned fast and headed back down the trail, ran down the trail, coward that I am.

We're getting close to the park entrance when I see a PITBULL off leash running towards us. I use my Exorcist voice and yell "NOOO!!". (Summoning my Bart the Bear spirit of course.) The dog turned around and ran off. I took a side trail and waited out of view until the dog had passed, as well as the woman who owned him. We start back on another little trail, turned a corner, and there stand two teenage boys smoking dope. I scared them. I told them there was a pitbull loose, and their eyes got round like cartoon eyes. Now they were more scared. They took off.

I followed them. As I came around the next hedge there were the bandana guys with the German Shepherd on a leash now and no shovel, so I followed along behind them back to the street.

I'd just come out of the gates to the park, when I see a dog charging down this ditch walk at righ angles to the street, with its owner screaming behind him to stop. He's a Pit Bull mix. He bolts across the street straight at us. I yell "NOOO!" in my Exorcist voice and turn Molly away. It doesn't phase him. I throw my water bottle at him. Doesn't phase him. Both dogs are doing the growl bark and lunge thing. The lady grabs her dog, but then he breaks loose and comes at us again. I throw my keys at him. (Another stupid thing to do.)

When she finally grabs her dog, she yells at me that I shouldn't have kept running off because it made it harder to catch her dog. I told her she shouldn't let a dog off leash that she can't control and I didn't say anything insulting.


linda said...

I shouldn't have waited so late to go blogging. Now I'm going to have nightmares for sure having read about your nice little morning hike. Next time you visit Ahmanson Ranch, please stay in the car with the doors locked and all the windows rolled up.

Sally said...

The odd thing in retrospect, is that the lady never apologized to me, instead she acted like it was my fault.

Also, Linda, it's odd when you find yourself thinking, "I'll just hide in these bushes till that pitbull goes by."