Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fire Season so soon

(right after i posted this, i pulled the roasting asparagus out of the oven, and the hot olive oil spilled all over my left hand. we googled burns, and are following advice, ooowwwwwww! one handed typing.)

Everything is so dry here it is just weird. It's been the driest year on record. This fire shot is from two years ago, when Bell Canyon was on fire and we had to evacuate the horses. (We've had to do that twice.)

We live in suburbia: Northridge, Ca., so the wildfires don't affect our houses, but the horses are another story. When I was at the stable this afternoon all the horses were acting a bit loco, spinning around on lead ropes, and not just my old horse Pepper who always does that. I was checking the sky to make sure there wasn't an unreported blaze, but it was clear, and the Griffith Park fire was far away.

But can you imagine the procedure to evacuate a zoo, which was being discussed this afternoon. (now it seems to be out of danger.)


linda said...

Ouch. What did google say to do? I burned my hand once when pouring boiling water out of a tea kettle ––the lid came off. I'm a big baby. I ended up in the emergency room with a huge bandage and pain pills. It really hurts! I'm glad your drawing hand is OK.

Sally said...

It looks a little weird today but nothing to put a glove over. I put it under running cold water right away, and had an ice pack too. It's weird that cold water feels hot when you've had a burn. What they say NOT to do is the old fashioned remedy to put butter on it... wonder why that's so bad. Thanks for your sympathy, Linda!