Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Do something about it! My mother is really, really funny, and at 92 can still tell a great story and crack people up. This picture was taken two years ago on her 9oth birthday.

Her eyesight isn't so good any more and neither is her way of thinking. Yesterday I called her to thank her for the little flowers she sent me, and asked if she'd gotten the flowers I sent her. She said "I wondered who sent me those flowers. I thought the florist sent them to thank me for my order. I thought these florists were getting awfully extravagant with their thank yous." (The flowers I sent cost $80!)

An ongoing dilemma concerns the books I published for her on this year. She's got about fifty copies, and I made little inscription labels for them so she can give them to special friends, and those are all signed, and we have envelopes for them. But she still hasn't given them out, because she doesn't want people to thank her and secretly think she's conceited. So she has decided she wants to wait and give them out at her funeral.... MOM!

We're going to the racetrack with a group of friends today, and we're betting money! I'm even going to try for the Daily Double! exacta, trifecta, all these terms had me tossing in bed last night. A horse named Sally So Sure is even running. Dinah's bringing her boyfriend Cameron. Wish me betting inspiration. Make me psychic!

Post race wrap-up! We had a great time. I goofed on the Daily Double, but our friend Linda Pearl won that one. (You bet on who's going to win the first and second race.) Then the next race I did an exacta box but one of the two horses I picked had acquired a different number since I studied my info, so blew that one too. It wasn't looking so good. Then a $2.00 bet to show brought me $15, and I was looking better... goofed on a few more, wondered why I read all those handicappers' reports.

But then, ah psychic joy... the last race, #8, the only stakes race, I had a sudden inspiration to add to my studied bets, and put $2.00 across the board, meaning win, place, show, on a horse nobody had mentioned that looked hot to me when I saw him walking in the paddock. Odds were 17-1, and d@mn if that horse didn't win, and I got $54 . Now I'm way over confident and can't wait to go back.


linda said...

"But she still hasn't given them out, because she doesn't want people to thank her and secretly think she's conceited." (You wrote a whole book about your mom with this one sentence.)

Katy said...

What race track do you go to? Since I left New York about the only thing I really miss is getting on the train and going to the track. I didn't master the Racing Form, but I loved watching the horses and the people. I hope your luck was on the money.

Sally said...

Linda, that's nice. She's like that and then some.

Katy, we went to Hollywood Park, first started by Bing Crosby. It's down in Inglewood, next to the Forum, not the safest part of town. We had a great time, think I'll post the results in the blog itself.

Katy said...

Ashley's Kitty by a nose? Fantastic.

Sally said...

Katy, They have a special Friday night race card every week. I've never been to it, but I hear it's much fun. Live music after the races.