Saturday, May 26, 2007

I want my Baklava

Every year the Valley Greek Festival is held right around the corner. Greek music, Greek food, and Greeks! The menu never changes, and I start salivating just thinking about the feta cheese and sausage plate, and the fried calamari, and best of all the Greek pastries which the ladies of the church spend the year preparing, and freezing, and finally baking for this event. Sometimes I take home eight of them and eat them all myself. I especially like the novelty ones, one of which is made with cornmeal. The rest of the year I have no interest in baklava, but I'm a major pig come Memorial Day.

But.. but.. I got a stupid cold and just don't know if I'll even make it over there. I'm wondering if I caught it at the all "girls" party I went to last weekend, where you were supposed to bring clothes you don't wear anymore and take home whatever you want. Jon and Dinah were appalled by my choices. There was a girl at the party who said, "My mama used to call me Peaches, but now she calls me Ho-Rina." Nice name you got there, Horina. Hope you didn't give me this cold, though.


tennsal said...

First of all, cool new look to your logo. Sorry to hear about your cold; hope you feel better! Pat's back is hurting (we sat on bad patio chairs at a friend's last night), so I'm getting out of the house.

Ebbie in San Francisco told me about going to one of those clothes-exchange parties; sounds great. I need to clean out my closets. I want to see the choices that appalled Jon and Dinah.

In Greece I fell in love with a pastry called kadaifi (and gained 15 pounds).

linda said...

Sally, hi! I've been out of the loop and was really happy to see your great new illo up there. And to see the photo of baklava. What an elegant combination, the food photo beneath the new illo. But then I read about your cold. That's awful. I think if someone delivers 8 pieces of baklava to you and you eat them all at once, you'll feel better.

Please do show us your choices! If you still have any tennis shoes you don't want, will you send them to me?

Sally said...

Hi pals, still no baklava, still sick alas, but maybe tomorrow I'll get over there. Kadaifi is one of the ones they feature. It's about a mile away which is nothing, but this weekend just walking to the lounge chair was a challenge. I've learned this germ is going around, starts like nothing, lasts a week, gets worse each day. swell. If I do bring back an 8 pack, I'll photograph it first. I did the illo as a test, next step is to see if I can put a flash file in there.

The clothing horrors were rayon green and black minichecked top and high waisted pants, both very free flowing with lots of tiny pleats. They told me all I needed was a walker to complete the look. And I thought maybe I was stylin.

Sally said...

ps the weird thing about those clothes parties is that all used clothing grouped together in a room picks up the thrift store smell. Sometimes I've also noticed that smell at Macy's, which turns me off.

TennSal said...

ugh, the thrift store smell! I wonder if it's because all the clothes have been in the back of the closet for years till people could finally part with them. I get overwhelmed by the enormity of Macy's, all those floors and different designers. I never know where to look.