Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kentucky Derby today!

It's Derby Day, and I've spent the last hour reading Daily Racing Form and trying to decide on my favorites.

I'm not planning on betting, but I'll be in front of the tv and taping it. Is there a way to bet on line? I like Great Hunter, Street Sense, and Curlin, in that order, but I'm just an amateur.

Hardspun and Zajero also look nice, and Storm in May is a mudder. It's been very wet in Kentucky. The Queen of England will be there. Who would you pick?

I always love hearing Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home." I wish they'd play that at big horse shows instead of "Star Spangled Banner", which is a dreadful tune and singers puff up and do such silly and grand versions of it.

Post Race:they came in 1. Street Sense, 2. Hard Spun, 3.Curlin. I picked two out of three, and got Curlin right in three. Dinah put Street Sense as first, and I picked Hard Spun pre-race as my wild card. So our horse sense was not too shabby, but just as well that we didn't put money down.

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