Sunday, May 27, 2007

Prom Night 2007

Dinah last night, on the way to the prom. She picked up her date, Cameron, in Santa Monica. (where he LIVES!-- I don't mean she PICKED him UP!) We had her car detailed before hand, and it also looked beautiful.

Too bad I didn't get her room detailed too:


Linda D. said...

Talk about iridescence! That dress. Those flowers. Dinah is beautiful. What kind of car? Her room is enchanting.

Does Dinah like to roll her eyes and wear sour expressions like we do?

Sally said...

It was a glorious dress. She drove off in the old pt cruiser. I think her room looks like a mentally ill person lives there, but the colors in the photo jolly it up a bit. She only makes the sour face when I ask her to do something.