Wednesday, June 06, 2007

yet more

click on the picture and see the face we see at home. click again and see who won "Athlete of the Year" and seven trophies.

This is maybe awful but funny. As she was accepting her big award, she said "Cheesits make you run fast." (She's a junk food vegetarian.) But most of the students at her school are Jewish, and Jon thought she said, "Jesus makes you run fast."

She's totally areligious, but the whole thing cracked us up.


linda said...

You are a really mean mother to do that with Dinah's face.

Honestly, this girl is incredible.

Cheesits or Jesus, they're both a crack-up.

Sally said...

she really is incredible! maybe I need to eat more cheesits

Sally said...

I took the pictures-- she made the face!

linda said...

Yeah, Sally, and that's all well and good–-but what if my computer FROZE right after I clicked on the photo. Her face would look like that for eternity.