Thursday, July 12, 2007

1998 Promo still on line- yikes

After discovering the street views google maps now offer, I took a stroll down memory lane to 155 Fell St., where Snazelle Films used to be. It looked so different that I did a search on google images for an image of the place. I couldn't find one, but along the way I discovered that awn still has a ten year old set of gifs I did to promote the vhs cassettes I was selling through them and my early Charbucks story, all told as gifs.

Anyway, I pulled the images into Flash and more or less rebuilt it because it's too hot to do anything outside. Click on the image to see it-- there's a delayed music track too.

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linda said...

"Cruikshank ... brandishing her work like a whip to cut through and expose the social structure of her time.”

from a review of The Warner Bros. Character Design Manual on the AWN site