Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saucer sighting day I was born! And only a hundred miles or so away!

Info from this great site: www.footnote.com --mind boggling for anyone interested in U.S. history. You can access documents from the 17th century.


linda said...

So now we know how you came to be among us.

Sally said...

It's not that I think I'm part of the Roswell crowd, but sort of strange to come upon a document trying to observe a possible ufo on the night I was born.

I remember a crackpot boyfriend of some long ago relative visiting our house and telling me (the youngest in the house) about how he'd been abducted and taken aboard. Must have been around 1953-57. I already had the hidden "nutcase!" sensitivity, so was thinking "WEIRDO WEIRDO!"

sally g said...

My office is in the "Business and Aerospace Building" (who thought of that combo?). One day I was the only person here on my floor.... in the business, not the aerospace, side of the building. Some old guy came in and started talking to me and showing me the photo of the UFO he had sighted (he wanted to tell the aerospace dept. about it). I told him it was on the other side of the building, and he thought I was just a nonbeliever trying to get rid of him. I kept wishing I had a button under my desk to call security or open a trap door he could fall throught!