Saturday, August 25, 2007

afterworld myspace disappointment

I read about this in the L.A. Times earlier this week: a new Internet animated series of 130 episodes, produced in L.A. I've got various mini episodes started all over my blog and site, and think short series entertainment is a likely future form. If anyone ever called me, I'd certainly have quite a variety of mini stories to pitch.

Anyway, I'd held onto the paper till today, when I had a little free time between haircut and sheepherding lesson. I couldn't even get through three minutes. It was so pompous, under animated and boring. They didn't even spell the main character's name right, for the way it's pronounced.

But I'm a duck out of water at myspace anyway. I learned last week that there are myspace accounts for just about any dead animator you can think of, and when I looked at one, for Ward Kimball, all the individual friends posted: "Thanks for the add, Ward." Stuff like that. Add means letting someone be your friend I think.

I don't even like the forced layout of myspace, but realize for many it's a way of life. Here's a link to episode 1 of 130! Voice over has interesting retro feel.


Namowal said...

Maybe everyone in Afterword's New York got the memo that a stiff, annoying, talking-to-himself automaton from Seattle was flying in. They fled in terror. ;)

Sally said...