Monday, August 27, 2007

Hollywood Bowl Last Night

We haven't been to the Hollywood Bowl in a few years, and Linda Pearl invited us to join her. We hadn't heard of any of the artists but have missed seeing Linda P. this summer. We put a picnic together and headed into the Bowl. You can walk there from Linda's house. This time we knew to rent cushions.

The first act was The Brazilian Girls. But there was only one girl-- hmm...

I really dug her outfit: an olive leotard set with a butterfly like skirt attached behind that she flipped a lot. It had stiffeners in it and was semi transparent. Her boots were essence of filigree. Some tick like tattoo on one arm and her hair combed entirely over her eyes. She pranced like the hottest thing, but got tiresome and almost fell off the walkway she strolled across in her stilettos. She didn't sing all that well, had a great drummer, and weirded many in the audience with her choice of two songs that were much too graphic, "Your sexy a@@hole" and "PUSSYPUSSYPUSSY".


This gal was called Zap Mama and she looked like maybe she was Anita's mama in cartoonland. Dressed in a strange gown that hinted of Nancy Reagan's old Chanel suits and a quilted bathrobe.
She made the crowd count to seven. In fact all three performers made the audience do stupid things. She did several cartwheels on stage, amazing for an old gal like madame zap, and everyone oohed when they saw her white underpants. She wore big sneakers for that part of the act. The persona was Dangerous Sister Sorcerer.

Macy Gray was the headliner, and the perky picture of her on the web site must have been taken quite some time back. She looked very wobbly and stoned, but the crowd went wild when she came on stage, making this part of the night the most entertaining. Her eyes were wild and unfocused, and she leaned dangerously as she sang.

Early on she did a wonderful blues number, singing about how she came home and couldn't find her man, so she looked in the bedroom, but he wasn't there, she looked in the closet, but he wasn't there, on like that to the west wing, he wasn't there, the east wing he wasn't there.

Some gals older than us, sitting a row behind, were calling out to Macy as if they were testifying in church, "NO, Macy, he's not there!" with their arms in the air extended. Wild.

So we went to two concerts this summer, amazing for "off to bed at 8:45" Sal.

p.s. Namowal, I've been inspired by all your nice drawings and that's why I did this post in Photoshop.


Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally! I like your pics too, especially the wild eyed, half-tipped over headliner. :)

linda said...

Sally, you and Photoshop got a good thing going. I'm partial to your drawing of Zap Mama.
What was in the picnic?
It's 8:43! Good night!

Sally said...

One minute to go: We brought home-cooked shrimp cocktail, sauce, and champagne grapes, Linda brought tritrip barbecue, Asian slaw, lychee nuts, no bread carbs etc.

sally g said...

I love the audience yelling at Macy that "he's not there." Fun drawings! Our first night in Pacific time zone we go to bed at 7:00.

Sally said...

Zap Mama's do could have been done by your hipster stylist, Linda.

tired of my jeans said...

An old Chanel suit-quilted bathrobe combo, that's the ticket for sure.