Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paintings continued

This lovely painting is by Edmund Yaghjian. He painted in South Carolina. His son went to Amherst and lived on a nearby commune with Tom Hoffmann et al when I was at Smith.

I imagine he studied with Fairfield Porter. Strange to see a contemporary self portrait on google,

when I remember him as a soft-eyed romantic hippie guy with big hair who painted beautifully and had a strange girlfriend Margaret who was also from the South, (and did weird paintings with (very) Old South imagery.)

The internet really slams you with the passage of time when you look up long ago friends.

When I start thinking about all the talented people I've known over the years, it overwhelms me.

Another old boyfriend: Gary Spinosa


Katy said...

I really liked looking at the Yaghjian paintings, both father and son. The father's self portrait has something of the dreamy romantic, too. The son's acrobats and floaters and backbenders...what a treat. Yes, the Internet slams us hard with time. Once, in an idle gloomy moment I googled a cool handsome devil for whom I'd had a helpless college girl crush. I found he'd taken up psychology and become an expert on bedwetting. The rush of my laughter surprised me. Did I wet my pants laughing? Almost.

Sally said...

Katy, that's hysterical! And I know what you mean about the father's image too.

sally g said...

I looked up Fairfield Porter and really liked the interiors especially.