Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's usually 4 or more degrees hotter here than what Weather Channel predicts. Dinah's been at a four day horse show. I'm going to go watch her for a little while. Then home to a reading pleasure, Henning Mankell's One Step Behind, a Kurt Wallendar mystery, set in cool temperature Sweden.

He's my favorite contemporary author. I checked the book out of the library last week, then Dinah ran off with it because she likes his books too. The Northridge library was filled with people at the computer stations who seemed to be wearing either their pajamas or their underwear, odd. Pajama day at the library? Or is the dress code sliding further?


linda said...

Not everyone has the wherewithal to dress like Anita. I think you should skip the book and finish chapter 2 for us. You're going to RUIN your eyesight if you keep on reading books.

But how will you do Anita's voice now? Yes, I remember the valley girl voice. It was wonderful. Best here, coming out of the coffee pot:

salzer said...
shows that San Fernando library has pajama story time on Tuesdays....

Sally said...

Sent this email to Linda but it came back marked undelivered, which sometimes means nothing, anyway: Hi Linda!

Some people just don't like mysteries at all, because someone is always killed. I felt that way for a long time.

But I think mystery writing is some of the best writing today, when it's good, because it's less likely to be pretentious and has a story to tell and a milieu to set.

And the murders aren't really what the Mankell books are about. They're just good, thoughtful writing with a great main character, and you're always in his mind. These books would never have glitter on the cover. Usually bookstores don't have all of them, and I've never read one I didn't like. Although as a group they pass through the main character's life, at our house we've read them out of order and like the vague references to books/cases Kurt W. has already taken on.

Funny that Tom has read lots of them. Guess they must have been from the library?

Enjoy your vacation if I don't email you before. Heat here has wiped us out. Even in the 90s at 9 pm. Today's supposed to be that way again, and I saw early that now there are fires in hills north. Where we live is too much the burbs for fires. Off to the lake, in the dark!

ps Sally, funny about pajama day at the San Fernando library. Guess the Northridge grownups just felt left out!

linda said...

Those books sound great. Barbara sends the books to Tom. Then when Tom's through with them, he sends them to his bro. You're going to think this is an abomination, but we don't keep books in the house.