Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meanwhile, on the Planet Krill

Those Krillans sure have a sense of humor!

Found this in a comic I'm selling on ebay. Ben called today and told me he had a horse I should buy. Of course I can't afford it and it won't happen, but put me in a major state of the wants.


sallyg said...

A health food site that sends me emails (mercola) is always recommending krill oil for omega 3. Never tried it. Krill: "Shrimp-like marine invertebrate" (wikipedia).

Namowal said...

You can get frozen blocks of krill at tropical fish shops. Carnivorous fish love it. :)

linda said...

Dinah got a new car. You should have a horse.

Sally said...

I wonder who krill ended up looking like canaries!

If I can just sell the first comic with Superman and Batman together for $10,000, I'm in for the horse!

(current bid $129.26)