Friday, September 07, 2007

Molly doing better

Hi all- We went to see her today and she looked bright and so happy to see us. Jon had cooked a chicken fillet for her and she gobbled that up. She gave me a ton of kisses, and didn't look particularly uncomfortable, could take some pressure on the injured leg. She might come home tomorrow, Saturday, but Monday is more likely, because there's still quite a bit of swelling.

That's a puppy picture I posted!

I had to cancel my trip to visit my Mother, but since she'd forgotten I was coming it wasn't so bad.

Meanwhile Dinah's PT Cruiser's car brain died, and now she needs to get a new car within the week, an expense we weren't planning on. Not the easiest time, but we're all so happy that Molly's improving.


linda said...


It must make you feel a little better to visit her and have her be so happy to see you (and to see her gobble the chicken treat.)

That's funny about your mom! (I have permission to laugh because of MY mom.)

What kind of car will Dinah get? I know I;m not supposed to be excited about it...

Sally said...

I feel SO MUCH better after seeing her today, thanks. We're thinking small Honda and she's thinking Dodge diesel Ram. AAHH! Having fun on your trip with those yummy sounding bbq oysters on the plate?

Namowal said...

Glad to hear Molly is doing better. As for the car, they always seem to konk out at the worst times. If I didn't know better I'd think they were doing it on purpose.

sally g said...

Great news about Molly. Sorry about missing your mom's trip; yes, the forgetfulness can sometimes help ease pain. I love my new Prius.

Sally said...

Just before dinner last night they called to say 90 per cent sure she'd come home today! I woke up at 4, so excited.

Sally G, Jon loves his Prius too.

namowal, I know what you mean!