Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One, Two, Chow Chow Chow

Major random cuteness at an intersection this weekend.

Meanwhile poor MOLLY is overnight at the vet's after a Black Widow bite this morning. I decided not to post a picture of a b.w. spider since some people are so phobic.

Personally, I'm freaking out, but am advised it will all be okay. We'll know how she's doing after 10 tomorrow.


sally g said...

I hope Molly's OK!
I dreamed the other night that I was cleaning the house and found tons of huge spiders, very upsetting.
I'm glad you posted the chows; I was trying to think of the name of that breed recently and couldn't for the life of me.

linda said...

It's 10:00. How is she?

Sally said...

The swelling got worse over night, but the blood test showed there was no damage to organs. They're keeping her today and plan to drain any cysts that form. Awful, but could be worse.

l. said...

Poor girl.
I hope she can come back home tonight.

Namowal said...

Sorry to hear about Molly. :(
It's always unnerving when a pet has a mishap! Plus you can't explain to him/her what's going on and why they need to go to the vet.

Katy said...

How/where did it(the spider bite) happen?

Sally said...

Thanks for your sympathetic thoughts and wishes. They really help me. We called at 4 and it seemed encouraging, that she was able to put a little weight on the leg when they took her out. If the swelling continues to go down she may get to go home tomorrow. I've felt so faint today.

Dinah and I visited Pepper today and he and buddy Row do everything together now: he seemed completely happy. They even peed simultaneously, side by side.

Katy, what happened was this:

Yesterday morning after we came back from our walk, I knocked down some Black Widow spider webs near the house. They're easy to identify, fuzzy and patternless. I didn't see Molly get bit, but she wouldn't eat her breakfast and right away seemed ill. I kept watching her, wondering what was up, managed to get her in to the vet before noon, not easy the day after a holiday weekend.

By that time her tail was tucked and she was walking gingerly, but we had no idea what the cause was.

The vet thought at first it was a rattlesnake bite, but we hadn't been any place where that could have happened.

She was bit on an inside upper back leg.

sally g said...

Keep us posted. I hope she's comes home today.

linda said...

How is Molly today? (Thurs.) We might need to see a photo of her when she comes home.