Friday, October 26, 2007

Does Rice Have a Pull Date?

I must have made the worst rice pudding in pudding history. It was so thick I had to whap it off the spoon to get it onto the plates. Library paste tasted better than this. And the expensive black cherries looked like the constant flies that stick to the flypaper on our windows. Could it have been because the rice was five years old? I kept cooking it, hoping the rice crunch would vanish, which it never quite did. Ah, culinary defeat.

and that wasn't the only one. The wheat free cornbread was the texture of the rice pudding as it went into the oven, and the texture of the pudding when it came out... The color was quite gray, not my favorite color for cornbread. That one I chalk up to a bad mix or a bad cook who may not have measured the milk correctly while enjoying the wine.

But the shrimp were good, the shrimp were good, and so was the eggplant, but since I've failed home economics already this week I won't include the recipe.

Today we've got that darn old crock pot cooking. Nothing like coming down to cook dinner at 8 am after making a mess of the dinner the night before. It's kind of creepy that you can look into the crock and see it doing its thing all day. We'll see what develops here.

However, we all had a great time on the 2 1/2 hour walk before hand. Even here I was not on spot, totally messing the exposure on these happy hikers. (and no, alas, I'm not the babe on the right.)


sally g said...

I love the bird photo! And I love eggplant: could you provide that recipe? I finally just threw out all the old rice and beans and pasta in the refrigerator and pantry one day because I had no idea what year I bought them. And I just haven't bought any more yet for a while.

Namowal said...

Oooh! A Steller's Jay! Your Colorado base must be corvid central.
Sorry to hear that the rice pudding and cornbread didn't cooperate. Most cornbread these days has a good dose of wheat. Without the wheat it's mealy and very unbreadlike. (I have a pal who is sensitive to wheat too and she says she's yet to find a good substitute for it)
I hope you have better luck with the crock pot (especially since I was one of the people who suggested you get one!)

Sally said...

Yes, aren't Stellar's jays the most beautiful birds?

sally g said...

You're brave to bake at high altitudes. I wouldn't know where to begin.

sally g said...

Actually I tossed all the rice, pasta, and flour products because we had weevils... I finally realized they were coming from the air duct because I kept dropping crumbs through the kitchen floor vent!

Namowal said...

Yes, Steller's Jays are lovely. I wish they lived at lower altitudes- the only place I've seen them is up in the mountians. I guess I'll have to settle for scrub jays.