Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Morning!

The view out the back door this morning-- trees are just starting to turn colors, snow on the mountains, hope to see the wild turkeys I saw yesterday.


linda said...

Those mountains in the background are spectacular. Do you feel happy/relieved to be in CO?

Namowal said...

Just looking at that picture is a mini-vacation. A big departure from the smog, graffiti, mini-malls and noise of southern California.

Sally said...

Linda, It's really nice to be here but all the events leading up to the trip still leave their shadown. Last night I took a Tylenol pm for first time ever, and slept really well. We've just returned from a two hour hike.

Yesterday we did our shopping for the week. The big grocery store in Montrose is so much less expensive than in L.A., and today we're going to cook a turkey. I picked up an interesting looking cheese and forgot to check the price. When I opened it up, (it was in a triangular box), it had instructions on how to eat it. Uh oh, I checked the receipt then... $16.00!

I made the shrimp recipe from Pioneer Woman blog last night and it was really good and easy.

Back to reading "House of Mirth."

sally g said...

the barbeque shrimp? I peeked at the recipe and think I need a better camera!

linda said...

So you prepared a recipe from Pioneer Woman's blog. Have you EVER prepared one from MINE? (Jellyfish Delight, perhaps, for dessert?)

Man oh man--did you see Pioneer Woman's Favorite Sandwich?? (Oct. 2) Now THAT is my favorite dessert of all time.

Did Montrose have champagne in cans?

Sally said...

Sally G, I've been getting that need- new-camera thought too. Computers come down in price so much, but cameras seem to hover in the same price range, if you want more than just point and click. (which is all I've ever had.)

Linda, they didn't have Sofia in Montrose. Maybe it's too explosive to ship, that's what I'm thinking.

Is the Jellyfish recipe real? What's agar agar? And yes that sandwich looked mighty tasty. Do you see how she's now sponsored by J.C. Penney's? Kind of weird, because I guess it means she's doing that viral advertising. (word?) where you just mention stuff about J.C. Penney's here and there.

For instance, she mentioned her husband, Marlboro Man, was thrilled to learn J.C. Penney carried 800 thread sheets.

Maybe I'm just jealous that she's figured out a way to make money from blogging.

lind said...

Sally, if you want to make money blogging, you need to get busy with Charbucks Chapter 2 instead of using up your precious eyesight on books.

Agar agar is what makes the dessert congeal. I'm pretty sure the recipe works. You could try it tonight with the grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

Sally said...

Linda, Jon doesn't like cheese. I'm a cheese fiend. I don't like spray cheese, but aside from that it's all great with me.