Saturday, October 20, 2007

Got Me a Magpie

These are such beautiful birds, but hard to get a picture of them on our porch beause they always see me coming. They land with a big thud. I wonder why their tails are so long.

Jon went to put his old plaid deerstalker hat on this week and there was a dead mouse inside!

I'm reading Joseph Conrad's "Lord Jim". It's incredibly good.

A big storm is coming tonight. All the aspen trees have dropped their leaves.

Our house is looking kind of spooky too.


Namowal said...

I like any bird in the corvid family (which includes magpies). So bold and so smart. My dad has a flock of crows that follow him around his neighborhood because he feeds them treats.
I agree that your house looks a bit spooky in that photo. It's almost asking for you to draw a ghost or monster to keep it company. ;)

Sally said...

I like corvids too. Once we held a Halloween party and I hid mini snickers in the backyard. By the time the kids went outside to find the candy the crows had stolen all of it, because of the peanuts inside.

And on our street, where there are still old walnut trees from orchard days, the crows wait for cars to run over the nuts, then swarm down for the goodies.

Your dad's lucky to have crow pals.

sally g said...

Clouds look threatening!

linda said...

If you decide to paint your house pink with aqua trim, light yello railings, red roof (for some examples, see up above in "Down the Road") it might not look so spooky. I would come out and help.