Saturday, October 06, 2007

Heck of a Night, Brownie

The wind was blowing so intensely last night that it felt like intermittent earthquakes all night-- except earthquakes don't moan and howl. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep.

Dinah had called us last night with news that she's been taken on as an intern at the veterinary school, which is very unusual for a freshman. She felt that Tia's recent emergency had helped her get this position, since she'd gotten to know so many vets during that time. She also said that in her animal science class they learned how to flip sheep.

So when I couldn't sleep I thought maybe flipping sheep might work-- because sometimes counting them helps me. But then I couldn't figure out why she was flipping sheep, and once you've flipped one, in your mind, how do you move on to the next one with the first one still there on the ground.

So then I started thinking about blogs, and the nice digital friends I've made since I started participating more.

Recently Mean Jean, a friend from the first blog I used to read, J-Walk, contacted me, which was a kick. (Only at J-Walk can you learn how to cook lasagna in your dishwasher and other odd things. His food posts are especially great.)

While I was reading Mean Jean's blog, I travelled on to this hilarious post about Amy Sedaris.

As I tossed along with the wind, I started thinking about that writer, pseudonym heather, and what a funny bitchy persona he/she has. I also love/hate pioneer woman for that same strong partly made up persona.

And with all that floating around in my head, I knew it was time for the Whinsey blog. Hope I'm up for it. Too tired to do much about it today.

8:10 pm and about to crash. "Beta Whinsey" is here. It snowed here this afternoon. Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" is like 1901 airport fiction. I just finished it. Has some interesting takes on New Orleans society at the time, but flimsy writing, though brave for disobeying moral standards.


Namowal said...

This calls for a new expression "Don't count your sheep until they're flipped". Or something like that.
Glad to hear the good news about Dinah.
Cute picture too!

linda said...

I cannot get over Dinah / Supergirl. Astounding that she's been offered the internship after one week at school. I guess this kind of thing has been going on all her life, though.

That's a fun illustration. Did you do it in Photoshop?

Speaking of Pioneer Woman (and cameras), how does she get photos to look like that on screen when the resolution is only 72 ppi? How is it possible? Can you really do that when you have a camera with real lenses? I could never carry one around. I hope you try one, though. Colorado would be a great place to shoot. But what am I suggesting--forget the camera & get busy with Charbucks Chapter 2 please!

Sally said...

yeah, Photoshop, but all day, working with it, I couldn't get the same brush line as at home, even though all the same setup is plugged in here. It must be the angle of the tablet. Namowal, what is your opinion of your mystery tablet-- informed sources want to know.

I'll put a link to the beta whinsey site in the post, since links in the comments are a pain.

I don't know about cameras, Linda, but I get the feeling that those SRLs make all the difference. But then I wonder if I'd bother to focus etc. since I never had a Nikon, and still don't quite know how to use my Canon p and s. I started Charbucks 2 but have run into the same problema as you with annoying soundtracks and spouse in next room.

Thanks for encouragement.

sally g said...

Your illustration is great. I haven't slept well lately either. Interesting idea about flipping sheep animation. Congrats to Dinah! My camera doesn't take pictures like Pioneer Woman's, but I'm sure it couldn't have anything to do with my skill.... Very exciting about Charbucks blog!

Sally said...

We all seem to have camera woes around here!

Namowal said...

My mystery tablet pc is a Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 series. It's pressure sensitive, though it took me some practice to get used to it. Then again, I don't have a super steady hand so others may find it easier to adapt to.
Other limitations-
-the battery wimps out quickly
-screen hard to see outdoors
-it gets hot
Still, it's a fantastic toy- less messy and more convieniant than real ink and paint. And no silverfish camping out in the digital archieves.

Sally said...

Thanks, Namowal. I see Dell has one coming out. Since my toy fund is currently double digits, will dream and draw on.