Monday, October 08, 2007

Is Smiley Face Rock changing?

Taken this morning, with frost on the ground.

Taken last summer for Linda Davick:

The other Smiley Face that isn't changing is the release date, sigh, for the movie Smiley Face that Gregg Araki directed and I did animated titles for. It's a cute movie and got good reviews last January at Sundance, then corporate changeovers caused its long release delay.


linda said...

A little older, obviously wiser––steadfast.

Sally said...

I thought it was getting rock fungus!

Funny thing is, just after I posted this, I found out Smiley Face is going to play at the AFI Festival in L.A. right around Halloween.

sally g said...

Congratulations on the Smiley Face showing!

Sally said...

Thanks, Sally G. Jon's movie Searchers 2.0 will also be in that festival, and got invited to the Nashville Film Fest today.

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