Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Molly Makes Friends

We went out in the meadow early to play chuckit with the tennis balls, and when we came back to the house, two dogs were in the yard.

Molly's been through a lot of training to deal with her bipolar approach to other dogs ("I like you, I'll kill you), but this visit went pretty well. The pale shepherd ran on home.

Molly had buried a bone by the front step but I didn't tell her that's why friends came calling.

The Malamute is gorgeous and very friendly.

We went to see a movie in town last night, "Eastern Promises", by David Cronenberg, and had an Italian dinner. I ordered Osso Buco. It turned out we'd met our waiter last summer at the Norwood rodeo, which made it a little more fun. I had to cover my eyes a lot during the movie, but it had great things about it too.


linda said...

So funny about the bone!

The photo that shows Molly placing her paw on her new friend is beyond adorable.

I keep meaning to say that your October header up there is verrrry scary.

Sally said...

Her friend is gorgeous. The waiter was actually a little creepy, but so was the movie.

Namowal said...

Ah yes, I noticed the new header too. I like it.
As for Molly's friends, I hope they didn't make off with her bone! :)

Sally said...

The thing about the new header: I was going to post a link to, a continuing site each October that relates to CalArts grads. Each day in October there's a new Gothtober excitement available, like an Advent calendar. The opening/wrapper site this year is exquisite, but the individual days so far haven't been so exciting (to me).

Also there's the great sadness connected to Helen Hill, a filmmaker-mother-wonderful person- murderered in New Orleans at the start of the year, who was very active in Gothtober.

You can read more about her at the site. She was a student of mine the one semester I taught, and lovely and memorable. heartbreaking.

sally g said...

What did you teach?

Sally said...

It was a free form graduate course in experimental animation.

sally g said...

by the way, i like this vehicle: is it a honda element?

Sally said...

Yes, Sally G, it's a Honda Element, a great car!