Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Trip to Silverton

This slide show is freeware which you can install if you click on the info box at the lower right. I had to customize the size in the object code on width and height to make it fit in the space I have. I changed the bg color for the fun of it. I looked quite a while to find a nice slide show that didn't have a prominent ad, and think this one is awfully nice, don't you? Of course it's made in Flash, but I didn't make it!


linda said...

Great presentation. Especially in light of your idea of using Blogger for web site. What does the person you're helping with site think? You're coming up with phenomenal ways to personalize Blogger.

p.s. Your trip looks like it was great fun.

Sally said...

Thanks, Linda. I put it together in part for you, to see if a sophisticated slide show could be possible in blogger. I haven't heard from my friend, but I'll contact her once I'm a little farther along with tests and stuff.

Now if you'd start getting into the design aspect we could get something really snazzy looking! ;)

I should have taken all the photos for a romp through Photoshop before posting, but as usual I was code obsessed and just wanted to see something.

sal said...

Thanks, this is great! Good for portfolio presentation.
You are an inspiration and a wealth of information.

Namowal said...

Sweet little slideshow you have there.
A mix of modern technology and things much older. The boarded up Victorian is fascinating but sad. So much craftmanship went into it and now it's sitting there neglected and lonely.
I also liked the architectural detail on the facade of the Brown Bear Cafe. Older buildings always seem to have more fun details.
I can see why people like small towns. They really do have distinct personalities.

Sally said...

Thanks. It's an amazing town. For awhile there was no one on any street, so we drove really slowly until a cop car came the other way, sounded its siren, and waved.

(Been in code conundrums trying to wade through blogger possibilities.)