Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday and Ouray (rhymes with Hooray)

Yesterday started with Hav-a- heart success. I live trapped our little mouse and let it out in the morning. I used Crisco as bait, and sonic boxes to do whatever it is they're supposed to do. It was hard to open the trap and take a picture at the same time, especially since once I let a rat out this way and it ran up my leg!

We went to Ouray on Saturday, a lovely town we hadn't been to in three years. It was so quiet there I could stand in the middle of Main St. and take this picture:

The Elks club had a Halloween event planned for that evening. Think it's the right spot?

The town is very pretty and empty, but they had a Main Street Art Supply store- shocking, and Jon treated me to a watercolor set. Hope I make up my mind to put it to use.

Later was the best part. There are radioactive springs in Ouray, and a big public hot springs spa and pool, outdoors, with HOT water, and lanes for swimming too. We soaked and later I swam. I left my camera in the car.

I love natural thermo occurences. When I went to Yellowstone I was beside myself, I found it so exciting-- those bubbling pots and weird mud events. Someday I want to visit Iceland...

Smoke from the L.A. fires has drifted to Colorado..

Goodtimes has a nice blog on Ouray here.


Namowal said...

Living in the chaotic and constantly changing sprawl of Los Angeles, I forget that there really are Disneyland-esque small towns with finely crafted (and preserved main streets. Thanks for sharing the pics.
That's odd about the mouse running up your leg. Maybe he was trying to hitch a ride back home?

sally g said...

Crisco and sonic boxes! I must try this with our mouse. But if it runs up my leg I might have a heart attack. Can't wait to see your watercolors here soon! (I need to get back to art show now that the reunion's over.) We went to New Zealand briefly when my cousin lived in Australia, and visited a town called Rotorua that has hot springs and geysers.

linda said...

Isn't it a great feeling to let a mouse (or even a bug) go free? I'm afraid he'll get cold, though. I hope he can find his way back in when it snows.

Both the hot springs and the watercolors intrigue me. I've never experienced hot springs. Are the watercolors in tubes or pots? Please paint something and let us see it! No big deal--just something silly.

Sally said...

Namowal, (tail o the RAT!!) it was a RAT that started up my leg, no a wee mousie. Once you said that about Disneyland, I can see exactly the connection of the architecture in Ouray and Walt's original vision.

Tomorrow we're going to Silverton, which involves driving over a 12,00 foot pass. Suck that oxygen.

Sally G, I've never had success with the sonic boxes or hav a hearts before.

Aren't geysers awesome?

Linda, I imagine mousie will be back in no time, but it is a great feeling to let them free. I got the tubes, haven't used them since the 70's!

Namowal said...

Whoa- a rat's a different story. Domestic ones are O.K*., but the wild ones are "you don't know where that's been" on four legs. Glad the mouse had better manners.

Good Times! said...

I thought that your enhanced picture of the Ouray Elks Lodge was fantastic. Someone else had told me that it really looked like a Haunted House but I didn't get it until you enhanced ...

Nice Job!

Sally said...

Good times- thanks for posting here. I see you have a really nice site all about Ouray. I'll add a link in the post.