Thursday, December 06, 2007

bit 101 meets bill gates

Keith Peters, aka bit-101, has contributed enormously to the development of friendly experimental code in Flash over the years. I've tech edited a book or two of his, but he is in a stratosphere/universe way beyond me with code.

I stumbled onto his blog tonight, where he describes a meeting just this week with Bill Gates, with lots of illuminating future talk. I loved reading this.


Sally said...

Today I picked up ActionScript 3.0 for the third time. I thought I could convince myself to read a chapter a day, or maybe a week. I found it still looked so foreign and unpleasant that I was better off putting it in the closet and using my old code systems. Maybe Microsoft's Silverlight, described a bit in the interviews, will be easier to code.

Linda said...

The different kinds of software that do basically the same thing, or that could do the same thing, drive me nuts. I can't take it. I'm glad it's Friday. I'm opening a can of champagne.