Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frankly, my dear Frog

Alex Cox took this great photo of our kitchen frog, Pixie, some time last year. Pixie's still in the kitchen, now 13 or 14 years old. I bet she's the oldest frog in Northridge!

A nice day. Saw my buds at the lake this morning, and they remembered me. Sandy the can picker said, "Welcome to the Funny Farm." I told her we'd been in Laughlin, Nev. and she said when she was married they had an airplane and used to fly into Laughlin. There was a dirt road they'd circle over to make sure it was clear to land. At that time there was just one casino. Jon said, "If she used to own an airplane, why is she picking up cans now?" The mystery.

We took Molly to the dog park, a place she hasn't visited in two years, and she was well behaved and happy to be there. I used to spend a part of every day at this dog park... for years! I saw people I remembered but no one seemed to remember me, which sort of surprised me, as I don't look much different. But Lulu the Chow Chow used to be the dog I took there, and Molly was still small. I realized they knew me by my dog and not my face.

Later planted 60 seedlings in the back window box: pansies, stock, snap dragons, violas and sweet alyssum. Usually when I buy plants I have no color sense operating at all, just buy the brightest looking ones, but this time, since all they had were pinks, whites and purples, I observed the color scheme. Hope they do well.

We lost three white doves and one fancy Australian while we were away when a gate was left open. The pet sitter substituted a squab, which is a dove as big as a chicken, kind of gross looking but amusing, and the squab's companion, a pigeon. The birds seem fairly calm about it all, but this fat squab is straining the perches.

I ordered a Sony camera (Sony Cybershot DSC-H7 8.1MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Image Stabilization Zoom) with an actual lens from Amazon, and hope it gets here soon. I got tired of reading camera reviews and this one was under $300.


sal said...

I wonder what happened to Sandy! My friend from aerobics who takes his therapy dog to the nursing home where Dad lived says none of the residents remember his name, but quite a few of them remember the dog's name! The sitter substituted the birds? Is that like the koi story....? Anxious to hear if you like the new camera.

Sally said...

Sal, the sitter got my reluctant permission to bring the fat dove and pigeon bud into the cage. She didn't realize so many doves had flown, thought just one was lost, and I haven't told her about the others.

Namowal said...

Wow, that's some frog! What does Pixie eat? Goldfish? Big Macs?
Sorry to hear about the doves getting lose. The squab sounds amusing. Does he/she have a name?

Linda said...

Pixie is magnificent. Even though she did eat her best friend.

Regarding the dogs ... we've met the people we like best here through their dogs. But we noticed our friends a couple years before we got to know them, because their dogs were so wonderful. They don't remember us at all from before. We're simply invisible on the beach because we don't have a dog.

Mean Jean said...

I have a recipe for squab.

Sally said...

I ordered squab for my birthday a few years ago, but when they brought it in with its little feet curled around grapes, I couldn't eat it.

Pixie has eaten crickets her whole life aside from the one friend eaten and a few small snails. Some people feed pinkies to these frogs but it can make them hard to handle. (Munch!)