Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pineapple Torte?

No, actually it's a picture of Strokkur beginning to erupt in Iceland, a place I'd love to visit. I found the picture at this lovely site/blog :
It's beautifully designed and a treat to peruse. All about Southern life today and yesterday.

The way I came upon it is so circuitous I have to tell you. We have a zillion small chicken eggs in our refrigerator, and I got to thinking about making a cake, or something with meringue, to use as many as I can. And then I started thinking about the elusive pineapple torte which my Aunt Bay made for me the last time I saw her, about twenty years ago, in Fayetteville, NC. I've never been able to find a recipe for this exquisite dessert, but last night I typed in pineapple torte southern recipe, and here it is.

Aunt Bay, (Mary Pride Clark) was my father's sister, and a great cook. The recipe does not look easy, but sometime this month I'm going to attempt it.

I'm up EARLY because some business things are perking maybe- cross fingers. I'm going to visit Pepper and wish I had my new camera, but it's more important to get out there and get him some carrots.


linda said...

Oh God. Did you see the Fat Crackers and Fried Okra at Sigh. I know your pineapple torte will be out of this world, but I'll take a beer and a bowl of julepstyle's Chex Mix Redux any day rather than any dessert in the world.

Sally said...

My mother made chex mix every year for the last ten or so as Christmas presents, but she's beyond doing that now. She didn't put garlic bagels or pretzels in hers, but it was really tasty. Today when I called she told me she was fed up with the Pilgrims for making such a big deal over a meal. I told her Thanksgiving was over.

"I know that!" Then she wanted to know where I was going for Easter. oh these pesky holidays, creeping up on one another like that.