Monday, December 10, 2007

This and that and Xmas SPLAT!

aww-- from 5 years ago. a Colorado snowman.

My mother's always had a thing about carrot noses on snowmen-- they upset her-- best left to the analysts-- it came to mind tonight as my mind is starting to reel with holidays past and present.

Hope Mom remembers I'm coming for Christmas and not Easter on Wed.

I tried making her great Chex mix tonight after researching various recipes. I knew the ones calling for garlic bagel chips were not her recipe, because those chips hadn't been invented when she clipped this recipe.

The one I tried insisted it was the original from the 50's. While it was still warm I was furious as it was salty beyond endurance, but now that it's cooling off it does indeed taste like Mom's Chex mix. I found it here, and used butter not margarine.

Jon and I decided this was the year to proclaim no presents, except for Dinah, and it's amazing how all our relations seemed to like the idea just as much as we did.

(Actually we're going to cheat and give each other a present or two, but the principle is we don't need a damn thing.)

In fact the idea spread like a stain on a silk shirt and now none of us are helping the economy in China. Besides, how was his stepsister going to get those Frango mints in Chicago when Marshall Fields isn't a store anymore? Even my mother thought it was a great relief, though peculiar, very peculiar.

At the party I went to last weekend, (where I nearly hyperventilated from being around so many loud and attractive people after two months in the boonies), my friend Catherine, a very talented web designer, told me the hot thing she's been tracking is ning, so I bring this to your attention. I grabbed a spot at ning,,
wow no one had taken that one yet--but won't have time to make sense of it until I'm back from New Jersey at least. Feel free to join or start your own, and explain to me what it's all about.

You get your own forum with the spot-- that's sort of amazing. And it's free. Yet another way to stay really busy and get dumber in the process.

I'll post again before Christmas-- but it's dicey in New Jersey at the Quaker retirement center, especially since I don't have a laptop.


sal said...

About the ning post, when you say cgi specialty, do you mean cgi script (penguins?)?

Linda said...

Do you know of anything in life better than Chex mix? If so, I challenge any of your readers to name it. Maybe this is more of a ning thing–deserving of its own FORUM.

sal said...

It's the best thing about playing bridge, that's for sure.