Friday, December 21, 2007

When Sally Met, uh--um, QUACK!

In the tradition of Valerie Plame, I'm not identifying this secret blogger agent, but we had a very jolly time at Guelaguetzal which has the weirdest menu of any Mexican restaurant in L.A. They serve gorgeous horchata with nuts and melon and unknown items floating in it. Looks like a party in a glass. Tasty!

Ole mole-- my tamale was gigantic and delicious but better left out of the photo.
The napkin dispenser took our picture before we left.

Hey I thought Christmas was the next holiday! Secret agent, we must meet again soon!


Secret Blogger Agent! said...

Yes, that was fun! Great food and great company. We'll have to do it again. Thanks :)

Linda said...

God, Sally! Did you have any earthly idea that secret blogger agent would be so adorable? Hell. You are BOTH too adorable for words. Thank you, napkin dispenser, for these wonderful photos.

Sally said...

Linda, secret agent blogger sometimes passes "Joan Blondell" during time travel. That's how secrets get thru. (shh, terces.) Napkin dispenser informed-- replacement forthcoming.

sal said...

Funny, that's like the Polish restaurant I went to that had Christmas decorations up in July! Secret blogger agent is darling.

seceret blogger agent said...

*blushes* aw shucks, Linda. Thanks!