Saturday, January 12, 2008

Late for Boxing Day

Last night we went to a great party at the home of a well known tv personality. The food was terrific, prepared by the staff of the famous but now closed Hollywood hangout Chasen's. The crowd was very jolly and not too glamorous. The hosts go out of their way to make everyone happy, and seem to enjoy their own party too.

Their house is filled with pre 40's movie memorabilia-- beyond belief, and there are usually a number of animation related people at this party. Last night a man was sitting in a corner who was the voice of Pinocchio. He didn't have a long nose, and didn't say much. Last year I met Stan Freburg at this party, and years ago Bob Clampett was one of the guests. One year we drove 30's child star Jane Withers to this party. She was a riot.

It was a late Boxing Day party, and in that tradition, you're supposed to bring one present you received for Christmas that you didn't want, and bring it wrapped anonymously. We had a couple to choose from, but the unexpected one arrived while we were at the party last night.

Dinah's friend Cormorant was in an accident in downtown L.A. and asked if he could tow and park his truck at our house until he can repair it. It even came with blue wrapping. (poor guy--he was side swiped into a pole-- at least he wasn't hurt-- not his fault-- the other person sped off ) It still has its wrapper on.

weirdest gossip heard at the party- that Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's wife, has been impregnated with sperm of L. Ron Hubbard. theremin music please!


davick, l. said...

Cormorant (!) is very lucky to be OK. His car does not look so good.

But Sally! I looked up Bob Clampett, and then I wanted to try to find "Porky in Wackyland" so I could watch it. Somehow I found myself at Wikipedia's "50 Greatest Cartoons." "Quasi at the Quackadero" is right there on the list! (As it should be.)

p.s. Molly is adorable.

Namowal said...

Wow, you were at a party with Bob Clampett once? I'm soooo jealous!

Sally said...

Hi Linda- I kept saying Cormorant for Cameron by accident, and he seems to fancy it.

He was so lucky he was driving a heavy steel vehicle from '72-- not that you're ever lucky in these situations, but that heavy metal definitely protected him.

The guy that wrote the 50 Greatest was there last night but we never had a chance to talk.

Namowal, Bob Clampett was wearing a blue nylon ski parka that night covered with stitched on badges, and an early Beatles style wig. He was surrounded by fans, and I never spoke to him more than hello, but I listened in a bit.

We were talking last night about how he died before all the big attention focused on him, which is sad. At the long ago party mentioned, all he wanted to talk about was Beany and Cecil.

sal said...

wow beanie and cecil
now you're talking
great picture of molly
Send high res please!

Linda said...

"a blue nylon ski parka that night covered with stitched on badges"
I want one of these.

"Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's wife, has been impregnated with sperm of L. Ron Hubbard"
Very Good!

I guess it's against the law to say whose party. Did people fawn over you? Be honest now! I don't want to hear your mom's voice coming out of you.

Namowal said...

Speaking of Theremins,
I think they're cool. I few years ago I considered buying a build-a-theremin kit, but then I thought:
Where would I put it?
My neighbors would revolt
The only musical instrument I've been able to master is the kazoo.
Thus, no theremin.
I have a dvd documentary about theremins and the remarkable life of the guy who invented them. Let me know if you'd like to borrow it. I have a hunch you've already seen it...

Sally said...

Namowal, I saw that documentary at the Town and Country. Did you know there was a multiple theremin concert at Disney Hall last year? I heard about it on the radio too late to get tickets. (same day)

Linda, I was lucky people didn't trip over me or hand me their napkin and glass for cleanup. I thought of you as I described the parka!

One other anecdote: at the party we were talking to a director friend who was complaining about how hard it is to get a movie launched any more, unless you have signifigant celebrities attached. This is something Alex Cox has mentioned too. It translates to:

"No Shmooz = You Lose."

Sal, I have some nice Molly pictures for you when you're back home.

sal said...

This is a photo I want of Molly, too.