Monday, January 21, 2008

My Father

That's his 1935 dual cowl Packard Phaeton. I know a lot about car design from 1950 backwards. I loved cars. I loved my toy garage with the crank elevator. I could recite Saab sales pitches at cocktail parties when I was dragged along. I still pay attention to car design. I bought the first version of PT Cruiser available. I love car museums.


I know nothing about how cars work and could care less.

Here's a poem I wrote when I was about 8:

Vroom, vroom the motors started up!
The Jaguar owner-
received the cup.


sal said...

My mom worked for Packard during WWII. Dad and his dad worked in automotive engineering. I loved the PT Cruiser when I rented one. My cousin has a cool Chevy HHR.

Katy said...

What a beautiful car. Where is it parked? Did he keep it for a long time, or did he like to change cars? Neat. That's the old word that comes to mind.

Namowal said...

Cars from the 1930s look cool to me. Maybe because they're different enough that they don't fall into the generic "car" category in my head.
Have you been to the Peterson Museum? You may like it. I adored it(but I'm a sucker for roadside architecture, which the museum covers in detail).
Nice to see a pic of your dad. What was he like?

Sally said...

It was a beautiful car. He had it when he got married and we still had it when he died in 1969. It had a second windshield in the back and a wonderful hiding space for my brother and sister and me below the windshield in the back seat.

Namowal, I love the Peterson Museum. Also there's a very goofy car museum in Sylmar, but you have to make an appointment to go there.

My father was an accountant. He was very smart, and quiet. He helped me build a miniature guillotine and a working volcano. He could fix anything. Cars were his passion.

Linda said...

I'm glad Namowal asked: I wanted to ask what your dad was like. WOW!! What a car. Katy knows that I say "neat" all the time; I'm not able to say "cool." Sally, I had a feeling you might have bought one of the first PT Cruisers. Because it looks like a car you might draw.

I love cars, too, even tho I'm happy without one at the moment. (No place to park.) I like little ones that are easy to park like the one in Pico and Sepulveda. I had a green Fiat Spyder for 14 years. It always broke down but I loved it. Then I got a Miata. It never broke down, but it wasn't the same & it seemed very american. Tom had a Saab for years because he had to have a Scandinavian car. But the service for it was terrible. When he retired the Saab, we bought a Ford Nebulous from our neighbor. It's the first car we've ever paid for with a credit card. It's a fine rough & tumble city car.

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the miniature guillotine. Now THAT's a great dad. Who did you try it out on?

spelling lady said...

Cowl? Dual cowl?

Namowal said...

Wow, some dad!
I second Linda's question- what got guillotined? Barbie? Gingerbread men? Hot dogs? Plasticine characters?

poetry girl said...

That poem is so good.
Eight years is the best age for poetry-writing.

Sally said...

Linda, Klik and Klack were talking about the Spyder on "Car Talk" last weekend very fondly.

We never put anything living under the blade, but I remember my teacher seemed disturbed by it when I brought it to class, which confused me. I just thought it was nice the way it worked so well. It had a fast drop. (With a Gillette blade I think.)

Greta said...

Curious. My father in law also built a guillotine and collected old cars. Maybe you started a trend, Sally.

Sally said...

Hi Greta! That's positively peculiar!