Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Page from Carol's Sketchbook

Today is my sister Carol's birthday. She died in 1992. She drew this when she was 17, in 1959. She liked to draw with a rapidograph. I have one of her sketchbooks. This self portrait suggests so much of her complex personality.

The picture below was taken at Christmas a year before she died. Doesn't she resemble Roz Chast?


Jesse Thompson said...

I like that sketch. You've mentioned Carol before, that you look up to her. I wish we could see more of her work, but mind the binding. :)

My sister Misty also passed away in '96. She wasn't a talented artist, just a bratty sister.. but I wish she were still around to banter with today.

Namowal said...

Thanks for sharing Carol's picture and artwork. (I agree she looks like Roz Chast.) That's just awful that she died young. So unfair. Fate has the gall to take even the most talented people at early ages (Robert Louis Stevenson(44), Aubrey Beardsley (25), George Gershwin(37) Fred Moore (41)George Harrison (58)etc..) Add to that all regular people who were snatched away prematurely. Fate can be monstrous.
I know life isn't fair and there's no guarantees, but it still gets to me.

Linda said...

Carol's birthday. She does look like Roz. Thanks for showing the self portrait. Was your sister a lot like you, do you think? That sticker on the mirror--oh, I guess that's a picture frame--looks kind of like the ones in your mom's book. Is that Dinah? I wonder what book she's holding.

sal said...

Thanks for posting. She does look like Roz. You must miss her terribly. I'm so sorry.

Sally said...

thanks for your comments. I'll eventually post other drawings. It's hard to write about her because I usually keep that part of myself closed and protected.