Sunday, January 06, 2008

Poster Child

Dinah's now precinct captain for Obama volunteers at Davis. She left a couple of hours ago, and I feel awfully sad and discombobulated. (Did I spell that right?) She's worked for the Democrats before. We didn't see much of her while she was home. I still think John Edwards is the best candidate, but like her enthusiasm for Obama, even if it led to some disagreements.

Now it's just Jon and me and Molly and the fish and the frog and the doves and the squabbling chickens. Oh, and wild parrots out back in the sycamore tree.


Linda said...

But aren't arguments of this sort good?
I'm proud to say that it was my mom who introduced me to the name "Obama." The Audacity of Hope is on her bookshelf next to Molly Ivin's Bushwacked. (She introduced me to Molly's columns, too.) I knew my mom had turned another corner when I told her how sorry I was that Molly had died, and she hesitated and admitted, "I don't know who that is." I think Obama's book may be one of the last things she read. My sister, on the other hand is a republican.
Now that you mention it, maybe political arguments aren't such an exhilarating thing.

p.s. Dinah is a poster child for sure. I know you must miss her like crazy.

movingarden said...

It's uncanny how much your daughter looks like you:)

I love your blog! I love your films! I remember when I first saw your work at Calarts and was blown away. I know I must sound like a blubbering fan, but all that I have written is true.

Take care and happy new year!

sal said...

Dinah is beautiful and does look like you. I figure either of those candidates should be OK, you know? I mean, especially when you consider what we've got now. I loved meeting Elizabeth Edwards, though.

Namowal said...

I agree with the other comments
1.Dinah looks remarkably like you.
2.I love your films and blog (I think you already knew that!)
3.I'm cool with either Obama or Edwards. (I normally shy away from political commentary but I'll admit this much.)

p.s. I hope you're feeling better. That has to be hard when Dinah leaves.

Sally said...

Linda, It makes me sad to read about your mother's corner turned. Amazing that she was aware of Obama before you and had read his book.

I'm not anti-Obama. Like everyone implies, just get the current bum out of there and please no president who believes in creationism! Jon teases everyone that Huckabee's his man. It's wonderful that Iowa voted Barack on top.

I also like the fact people are responding to his oratory skills because he does speak well and so few people do anymore. I'm just keen on Edwards' bold stand against corporate America. I voted for him in the last primary too.

Thanks for your nice nice comments. I wish I looked like Dinah!

movingarden, I looked at your blog today and your artwork is beautiful! It inspired me to make my latest background in Corel Jr. look ever so much better this morning. And just now, as I went to grab the url for this comment, I saw your whole site has animation and goodies that I haven't yet explored.

It's amazing how many extremely talented women artists I've bumped into in the narrow world of blogs I visit. Here's to you all! Hoorah!

And here's movingarden's site.

Greta said...

Sally, Dinah will no doubt show us all the way. She looks like she knows where she's going. She is lovely!

I love this blog because it is so genuine, spontaneous, clever and always relevant. I am only an artist in my head and do not understand all of what you say about code and such but I check in often to get a lift. Thanks for doing it you have some cool friends too.

Sally said...

Greta, thanks for your lovely comments. I'm so glad to know you've stopped by.

sal said...

And those parrots are spectacular. They just showed up?

Sally said...

Wild parrots are fairly common in the San Fernando Valley, especially where we live, where remnant citrus groves are all around. But they don't usually stop by our house, just do screaming fly-bys.

movingarden said...

I just saw your comment. I'm blushing:) Thanks so much for your kind words. They mean the world to me!

sal said...

It's true I haven't really been paying enough attention to the candidates' stands on specific issues. I've been going more on global features: I like Elizabeth E., Obama speaks well, Hillary's a woman and married to Bill. I'd better do some research. Everybody knows the Tennessee primary coming up is the only one that REALLY matters!

Sally said...

After last night's primary, I'm really hoping Obama gets the nomination. I don't think Edwards stands a chance, and I don't want 8 more years of the Clintons. If she's so much for change, why didn't she change her husband?