Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Thoughts- no pictures

Macbook Air- weird that a population that gets fatter and fatter wants their laptops slimmer and slimmer. In the horse world it's the supersize riders who want to ride the Arabian horses.

Cloned meat: I've read the explanations that say the cloning will just be of the prize animals.

No one seems to believe it.

Makes sense to me.

But even if there were cloned meat, to a reluctant carnivore like me it provides a certain way out. I'm eating the animal, but it also survives as a duplicate, so maybe it's not so bad, guilt-wise. If you see what I mean. It's hard raising pet chickens and throwing super market birds in the oven.

Jon made a movie about cloning that had interesting ideas, but it starred Arnold Schwarzenneger, to everyone's regret, and didn't do well. We still have some movie prop furniture from the movie, including Arnold's chair, which is large and comfortable. In fact I think I'll go sit there right now!


Linda said...

The 6th Day. Going to rent it.

Sally said...

Don't rent it. It's not very good.