Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wonderful Roz Chast

Our blogger pal Sal mentioned Roz Chast in her blog, and I thought yes, love that hysterical cartoonist for the New Yorker ( I think the only one who qualifies as really funny anymore.) I've torn pages of her cartoons from the New Yorker- where do they end up? I always thought she was married to famous illustrator Seymour Chwast, but Roz is lacking the w.

In googling Roz Chast, I found this video interview with Steve Martin and Roz Chast. It runs about half an hour and streams well, but you can't just embed it. The New Yorker is fussy. Also if you stop it to go out to the kitchen, it starts from the beginning when you push play again.

She's charming and funny, and it's a delight, but a lot of questions I'd love to know remain unasked and unanswered. Like why she steered away from underground cartooning. Or what are her favorite fruits. She reminds me so much of my sister Carol (1942-1992).


Namowal said...

I wasn't familiar with the name, but when I watched the video and saw examples of her work I recognized her. I watched the whole thing. She has a keen knack for mixing in fascination with the mundane (lamps, wallpaper) with the unusual (parasitic twins). I also liked the display of kid horrors that included the dreaded plate where all the food touches each other!
I had a childhood friend who remarked "that's so true!" any time a funny/weird irony was parodied on t.v. or in the movies. That line kept coming back to me during the interview.
How was she like your sister? Same insights and sense of humor? I'm terribly sorry she's not here anymore. The world needs more people like Roz.

Linda said...

Yes, I watched it too. But I had to start the damn thing over and over and over. It was wonderful. She is wonderful.
Namowal always asks what I want to ask. How is she like your sister? Looks? Mannerisms? Sense of humor? I wish your sister were around. Did you do stuff together? My sister and I never did in the past, but having her around now is so great, even tho we are opposites & disagree about everything.

sal said...

What an inspiration! Thanks for posting.

Sally said...

Sal, thanks for reminding me of how much I like her work.

Sometime I'll post more about my sister, but it's not an easy road to go down.

She was VERY funny and looked like Roz quite a bit. Jon noticed the similarity too. She was very talented. I have a sketchbook she did at 17 that I'd like to scan and put on line, but I don't think the binding could survive, so I'm not sure what to do.

linda said...

Could you photograph the sketchbook using your macro lens? What a treasure. We'd LOVE to see it.

sal said...

would be nice if the four of us could come up with our own questions for Roz and interview her by email; wonder if there's any way to get in touch with her

Greta said...

I am sure late posting this but haven't visited in a while. I can't resist telling you that I also think Roz Chast is wonderful. For many years I have had her cartoon, Lotsa Ducks, framed in my kitchen. I also like the Girl with Sensible Shoes alot but she has a way of touching that internal funny bone. Such a gift.

Sally said...

Hi Greta. Yes, I think she must be a bit of a Luddite, though I saw she had a Mac computer in a shorter video taken in her upstairs office. She doesn't have a website or blog.