Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ain't Easy Bein' Born Bird

Face it- you're not cute. Mammals get the looks. You get pooped on by your parents.

And red tailed hawks sit in the tree right above you screaming about what tasty treats you would be, but for wire.


linda said...

So those babies are doing OK! Are those their eyelids? Will they open soon? That one in front looks pretty content.

Incredible photo of hawk.

Jesse said...

I growed up on a farm (lots of baby chickens, some baby ducks) and one time we found a tree where did nest some baby starlings. My parents didn't think much of starlings, but here were these ugly/adorable beaks attached to tiny fuzzy bodys who were endlessly fond of the word "tweet".

Then Pappa bird comes down with Attitude and it's time to run aweigh.

Namowal said...

Glad the little guys are doing well. I hope the hawk figures out that the goody basket is off limits.

Sally said...

Thanks- their eyes are open today and they have white feathers coming in. They don't look anything like the dove babies we've raised before.