Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dove a Day

They're looking more and more like bizarre flying creatures each day. They actually fluff up and make a little noise when I come too close with the camera.

Someone abandoned these two roosters at Lake Balboa. I took them chicken food the last few days. They hang together and seem very tame. I wonder if they'll be there tomorrow. With 80 degree weather the place will be packed with folks who bring big families to barbecue, and are fond of chickens.


Mean Jean said...

Does that mean they're fond of barbecued chicken? I like the white meat.

Katy said...

Do you read Backyard Poultry? From their website:
"The scientific classification of chicken is Gallus domesticus. It includes the Latin word "gallus," which means comb. The first question that comes to mind is why chickens have combs."
And on and on. I found a copy at the laundromat, but left it there and looked them up on the web.

Namowal said...

It's funny how alien birds look before their feathers grow in.
That was nice of you to feed the chickens in the park. I wonder what their story is?

Sally said...

Reporting in, the roosters were still there today, but they'd crossed the road. I've noticed various people are visiting them, young and old. It's kind of odd, and I wouldn't be surprised if local news did a story. I've taken them mash each day, but I don't expect it to have a happy ending.

Katy, I hadn't heard of Backyard Poultry. I go to this forum for chicken advice. link may not work in a comment.

This site, eggbid, allows you to bid on eggs and chickens in auction. We once received a chicken in the mail!